Security Consultancy

>Security Consultancy

Risk analysis is made for facilities and persons and current security risks are detected and necessary physical and security measures are taken.

To summarize briefly these phases:

Concentrating the Service on Primary Risks: Those who intend to carry out an assault have the ability to surprise. As a consequence, when the system which shall be established is concentrated on the primary risks, the 2nd and 3rd degree risks shall be blocked.

Realizing Security Cordons: No measure can be sufficient by itself in solving a complicated security problem. As a consequence at points qualified as sensitive and classified as high risk, an adequate number of security cordons are formed to fit the positions of the security staff and vehicles.

Deterrence Factor: These are measures aimed at deterring persons who plan any attack or action plan. In general, the individual or institution whose security is ensured is followed in advance and if the risk is high, the attack is given up. As a consequence individuals or enterprises with trained staff who have taken precaution against security risks are in the lower ranks in the lists of the adverse factors.

Alarm and Detection: In addition to the training given according to the law numbered 5188, branch trainings are given by the education specialists of our company. Thus the capacity of our staff to perceive and analyze events is increased and any event is prevented before occurring.