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Adapting specialized dogs that we train in our own specialization area to other security elements, in order to ensure a safe life which is one of the most important matters of our age, we aim to provide a safer life to our customers.

Security teams with dogs that have been successfully used in various areas such as buildings with high security risks due to their locations, organizations, car park areas, factories, international maritime transportation, air transportation, civil disturbances had a limited use in our country.

Detecting explosive and inflammable materials, narcotic materials, pursuit of criminals, seizing criminals, area protection and patrolling, control of smuggled goods as well as in many other areas, they serve with their professional users. Dog Trainings

Realizing many joint trainings and exercises with several foreign institutions (from countries such as Germany, Austria, Israel, U.S.A., Hungary, Serbia etc) in order to have immediate access to renewed training techniques and knowledge about duty dogs worldwide, the sole aim of our company is to train security dogs that work with the utmost level or performance and present them to your service. Providing service to institutions and corporations that are under security risk, our company is strengthening its qualified staff with dog teams. Dogs that are dedicated to work at the spots that they are on duty with ¼ of the leisure time of a security staff are raised and these dogs are used in the most efficient manner over 24 hours by assigning experienced users. Depending on the performance of the dog or the user feedback trainings after sale are given to companies aiming to establish a security team with dogs within their organization. In the event that motivation between the user and the dog is upset or in the event that the user is not psychologically ready to the work that is done, our company prepares user evaluation reports and if necessary an auditor`s report for the purpose of changing the user.

Especially in the training of explosive materials or narcotics detector dogs, with the purpose of keeping their performance steady, the dogs are tested instantly without the knowledge of the senior management of the company and their users and a yearly performance chart is prepared.

If problems existing in a detector dog exceed 50%, the dog is subject to feedback training for 1-30 days by our company. In this training, the purpose is to eliminate the deficiencies of the dogs. In such a feedback training the dog owner company is only paying to our company a fee for the daily accommodation of the dog.

As the materials that the narcotics and explosive detector dogs aim to find are materials that are prohibited to be transported or to be kept, which constitute a criminal act worldwide, the special odor kits that the dogs will use for training purposes are supplied by our company. In line with this, a narcotics dog which has completed its education detects all artificial and natural drugs and stimulants.

In addition to having information partners in several regions worldwide, our company has provided a training of 14 hours to 450 persons from 9 different countries in the subjects of search and rescue dogs, narcotics dogs, bomb detector dogs at the South American sniffing dogs seminar held in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina at the date of 01.11.2007. For the first time a trainer has been invited from Turkey to this seminar. Due to this proud event where our Country had a say in the matter, our company has been appointed as information partner and consultant partner unit by Argentina`s organization for fight against drugs.

The dogs that you buy or hire for whatever purposes from our company are tested in a simulation environment that fits the reality of the environment they will work and after receiving approval of the client on the successful work a sale or lease agreement is signed.

Our company ensures the periodical veterinary controls of the dogs sold or leased by us. In addition to these health services, in the framework of the care agreement that will be made every year our company undertakes to provide treatment and care services for a period of 12 months in all health problems which may occur to the working dog.

Dog Types

1-Detector security dogs: Dogs that detect the place of any material which may be a crime element and show the place of these elements to their user are called detector security dogs. These dogs work with their noses. In line with the specialization areas they are trained in, they are used with success in duties such as detection of explosive and inflammable materials, detection of narcotics and stimulant materials. As a measure against increased terrorist threats worldwide, the use of bomb and mine detecting dogs has displayed a serious increase in the last 15 years. The mine narcotics and stimulant materials detecting dogs are those that are mostly used among this group.

2-Patrol dogs: Its 1st duty is to deter possible criminals by patrolling in the company of its user in zones where physical security risk is high. Its other duty is to catch criminals that flee the area it works within a distance of 500 to 1000 meters and neutralize them. At the same time it has the capacity to disperse masses of people in demonstrations, commotions and quarrels. Within the same framework of duty, the dogs that notify the security officer of the entrance and exits are called fixed area guard dogs. These dogs are included in the class of Patrol dogs.

3-VİP guard dogs: These are dogs that are able to be on duty 24 hours as personal bodyguard of persons who are included in the VIP who bear special risks. It is fulfilling with success duties that vary in line with the security risks of the individual such as detecting and neutralizing armed persons in environments where the person who should be guarded is present; sensing by sniffing possible risks that are present around the personnel it is protecting and giving the alarm to vacate the area. The user of these dogs should be the person they should be protecting. An extra staff for the use of the dog is not needed.

The security dog working principles vary according to risks and needs of the area where t will be on duty. These risks are studied according to the analysis report and in the arrangements these data are taken as basis.

Our References :

• Pet Services certain of our security references with dogs :

• Ataturk airport international terminal bomb detection,

• Opening of Real markets in Istanbul,

• Openings of Real markets in Adana and Bursa,

• Opening of İş Bank İş towers,

• Explosives and narcotics control in the Karaköy customs port free zone,

• Town center organizations guard dogs,

• NATO commanders` dinner bomb detection duty,

• Grand princess vessel explosives and narcotics control duty,

• Emerald princess vessel explosives and narcotics control duty,

• Swan Hellenic 2 vessel explosives and narcotics control duty,

• Royal princess explosives and narcotics control duty,

We aim to reduce to minimum all your security risks with our trained dog teams.