Concert and Activity Safety

>Concert and Activity Safety

Concert / Seminary / Activity / Organization Security

We are at your service with our experienced staff in your short term organizations, activities such as concerts, parties, seminars. We support your organizations with security risk evaluation, protection and survey, patrol, search, orientation, close protection, VIP protection, armed protection, low profile protection activities.

By using the equipments and devices listed below according to the needs of the organizations, we take complementary measures to physical security services. All these equipments are provided by our company.

• Hand-held Metal Detector

• Door Metal Detector,

• X-Ray Control Device,

• Routing/Prevention Barriers,

• Routing Bands

• Escort Vehicles

• Wireless

There are many important details in assuring the security of daily organizations. Using correct personnel and correct equipment, analyzing the duty area from the perspective of potential risks, examining the profile of the participants and the local community are the factors that must be taken to account in order to complete the organization without any security violation.

The security measures to be taken are determined as a result of the risk evaluation to be made according to these factors. Furthermore, physical examination of the venue, determining security points and patrol routes, determining gates of exit/entrance or gates designated solely for entrance or exit, placing routing tapes and/or barriers, directing vehicles, determining entrance where metal detectors or hand-held metal detectors will be used are matters to be designated during assessment of the security risk.